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The Academy of Advanced Beauty is very proud to have been accredited by and now to offer
 Internationally recognised CIBTAC Professional Endorsed Training courses.

We are a small team, working to the highest standards. We are proud of our achievements and translate this into our training sessions where we take pride in seeing our students respond to the individual attention and care, by working their socks off to be the best!

The combination of medical education with a thorough command of technique, safety, client care and correct machine operation, is what makes us “special”. The emphasis on “doing things properly” goes back a long way. Before coming to the UK in 1988 our Principal, Barbara Freytag worked as a radiographer on Poland’s leading heart transplant team operating the ultrasound scanner, then a necessary pre-operative diagnostic tool.

With years spent studying and training, finding courses building on her years’ of medical training, have led to the founding of the Academy of Advanced Beauty to pass on this knowledge to others. We aim to offer new and innovative, as well as popular courses. Based on years of experience with Ultrasound, (we are one of the few non-medical accredited teaching establishments for Ultrasound in the UK) we now offer courses for Skin Rejuvenation as well as the newly developed Ultrasonic Lipo-cavitation.

What makes us special

  • Courses are delivered by a medically and beauty trained lecturer.
  • We offer small class sizes and one-to-one attention
  • Training is delivered in small units. All our courses qualify for CPD points. 
  • Course dates are flexible
  • For students coming by train (to Ely station) we offer free collection and drop off.
  • For students who are coming the day before the course – we can offer accommodation (ask for details)
  • A light lunch and refreshments during the training are provided free of charge
  • We offer both loyalty points and a “bring a friend” scheme.
  • For groups of 4 or more we can come to you (ask for details)
  • Certificates are only awarded after students have demonstrated their competence. To those who we feel have not reached the required standard, we offer extra tuition to raise their skill levels at no extra charge before awarding them their certificate.

At the Academy of Advanced Beauty we put great emphasis on client care, their safety as well as attention to detail. We care about what we do!

Microdermabrasion for Face and Body

This excellent and popular course includes standard neck and face procedures as well as additional skills to expand it to full body treatment, offering the best treatment combination for
maximum client satisfaction and improved salon revenue.

Microdermabrasion is a non invasive
treatment designed to improve the overall texture, tone and clarity of the skin while restoring the
skin’s colour and elasticity. It smoothes out, refreshes and regenerates the skin, reduces stretch
marks and scars and improves pigmentation. It is recommended for many skin types regardless
of age and epidermal damage.

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Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis

Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis is the newest form of non-invasive fat reduction without damaging other cells and tissue. Treatment involves controlled cooling of fat tissue through the skin to induce lipolysis through a process known as apoptosis during which the affected fat cells begin to shrink and break down and be naturally metabolised and removed by the lymphatic system, resulting in the reduction of the fat layer. The client will experience a 20 - 25% fat reduction in the treated area from a single session. Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis is most effective on dense fat layers like flanks (love handles), abdomen, back fat as well as inner thighs and arms. This is not a weight loss treatment or an alternative to surgery, it is an excellent choice for clients, who despite a healthy lifestyle, still have small pockets of fat that just will not respond to diet or exercise.

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Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy

Thermotherapy is the therapeutic application of heat increasing temperature and accelerating the chemical reactions in the body. Thermotherapy induces a sense of wellbeing and relaxation due to dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the brain. Heat works by drawing
blood into the targeted tissue and helps oxygen and nutrients to pass through efficiently. This treatment also removes cellular waste, reduces tense muscles, decreases muscle spasm and totally relaxes the body. Thermotherapy is already being used on chronic conditions or for persistent aches and muscle discomfort as well as stiffness, muscle spasm and pain relief. Thermotherapy can be offered in collaboration with many other beauty treatments and it is often the preliminary stage of any treatment.

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Ultrasound for Skin Rejuvenation

Ultrasound for skin rejuvenation offers excellent results without pain, anaesthesia and down time. Ultrasound not only deeply exfoliates the epidermis, increases penetration effectiveness by up to 4000 times compared to hand application, it increases collagen and elastin production
and also repairs damaged cells, breaks down fat and controls pigmentation. Ultrasonic action helps to slow down the signs of the ageing process which cosmetic surgery CANNOT do.
Dramatic results can be observed even after the first treatment. Ultrasound brings important new opportunities to the beauty industry, offering many non-invasive new treatments which are safe and suitable for most people including those with sensitive skin.

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Ultrasonic Lipo-cavitation

After puberty, fat cells remain constant in number and change their size and volume according to the amount of fat the body stores. This fat often assumes abnormal proportions in areas such as thighs, hips, stomach and arms. Non-invasive Ultrasonic Lipo-cavitation uses ultrasound waves to break down this excess fat. Unlike surgical lipo-suction there is no pain, incisions or recovery time. The ultrasonic energy is delivered through the skin surface.This treatment is safe and suitable for men and women who want effective removal of excess fat without surgery.

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