about BABTAC

Our sister company BABTAC, founded in Gloucester in 1977, are the UK’s leading association for beauty as well as being one of the longest established and influential organisations for beauty and holistic therapies.

As BABTAC works on a ‘not for profit’ basis, this means that their main focus is to ensure the welfare of all members, to guarantee the regulation of the industry and of public interest. Any money that BABTAC does make is put directly back into member benefits to help make you better off.

Governed by a Council of industry professionals, BABTAC also offers unparalleled beauty knowledge, a meticulous ethical code and an expert practice standard.

As students, BABTAC will support and guide you into the world of work and can also help you to continue your training in the industry. Since BABTAC is broadly recognised as a brand, this will reassure your clients that they are receiving treatment from a therapist who is talented and professional. 

BABTAC student membership includes all the benefits of our full membership at a reduced rate, we can help save you money and you’ll know you are protected with our market-leading insurance. Insurance for beauty students is essential for case studies and treating clients just in case you make a mistake, for example burning a client, or an accusation made by the client that you did not carry out your job in the correct manor.

To find out more, visit the BABTAC website:  http://www.babtac.com/