benefits of having a CIBTAC qualification 


CIBTAC has been established since 1977 and we have been around to witness a lot of change and development within the Beauty Industry. Our experience has allowed us to design qualifications that help to raise standards in the industry and meet needs of prospective employers.

There are a wide range of benefits of obtaining CIBTAC qualifications. A huge benefit that students report is that their CIBTAC qualifications, are recognised worldwide enabling them to achieve employment, in some of the world’s most desired locations.

Employers in the industry recognise the added value a CIBTAC qualification brings, as graduates are percieved to be of  a higher calibre. Employers see CIBTAC students as a better option as less time and money is needed to get them to the professional standard they require.

CIBTAC qualifications are assessed by means of portfolio containing evidence of assignments and practical treatments, written examinations and a final practical examination day carried out by a CIBTAC examiner. Our student survey tells us that the portfolios are a great way for students to display their learning and skills, as well as being an extremely useful tool to show case when applying for jobs within the industry. 

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