Eight Opportunities to Begin or Deepen a Spa Career with a Prestigious CIBTAC Accreditation

 And it all Begins in Magical Bali

10 day courses in Balinese and Hawaaiian Lomi Massage

15 day comprehensive programs






Spice Islands Programs




Balinese massage


Balinese massage consists of a combination of complex techniques from varios cultures that the Balinese people adapted to create their own unique style.

Techniques used: Crabbing, Cat Squeeze, Palming, Skin Rolling, Thumb Rolling, Thumb Circles, Effleurage, Knuckle Slides, Kneading, Wringing, Thumb Slide, Forearm Slide, Kecak, Thumb Walking and Chopping.

Ayurveda program


CBE 120 – 15 days

Based on an ancient Hindu-based medical system, today it is enjoying a resurgence of followers around the world due to its dynamic integration of all aspects of one’s relationship with self and the environment. The core and very compelling belief is that total wellness is shaped by fundamental energy forces specific to each individual Learn the principles of Ayurveda philosophy, Abayanga body massage, Shirodara, Ayurveda Body Scrubs and Wraps, and Pizchiki and Kizhi therapies.

 Slimming program  


CBE 121 – 15 days

This course is ideal for those planning to offer a one-stop shop for clients wishing to make major lifestyle changes. Master how to coach regarding balanced meals, exercise regimes and detoxifying body wraps. Receive general knowledge about customising a plan geared to a client’s current emotional and physical condition, plus study the use of a gyratory vibration machine known as a G5.

 Shiatsu massage program


CBE 118 – 15 days

More than a massage, Japanese originated Shiatsu is considered by devotees to be a complementary healing practice. Its conceptual foundation is that Qi or vital energy flows through the body and by using finger pad pressure, stretches and other massage techniques so that the natural flow of energy returns to balance. Students also learn AShiatsu Barefoot Massage. Both are increasingly found in spas and wellness centers globally, so it is an ideal time to train as a professional.

 Thai massage program with herbal packs


CBE 117 – 15 days

This thousand-year old stretching and manipulation technique is still followed today with more customers choosing the option of steamed herbal packs to drive heat into muscles. Demand is rapidly growing as customers want their bodies to be gently adjusted rather than only regularly rubbed with oils. It is a favourite of yogis which is a booming market globally. Students also learn the popular style of Thai foot stick massage.

 Spice Islands Program


CBE 124 – 15 days

This is a couples’ program custom-created by Bali BISA that incorporates the spices grown around the Indonesian archipelago, as well as its myriad ethnic bodywork techniques. This is what makes this course such an intriguing spa journey as you learn about the history and culture of this vast archipelago. Students become proficient in body massages, facials, tropical body scrubs, spice wraps, head massages and floral baths.

Maternity program 

Maternity Program

Pregnancy Massage 

Post Natal Massage 

Post Natal   Traditional Wrap

Baby Massage

                        Hawaiian Lomi Massage    


CBE 122 – 10 days

This massage is frequently described as similar to a nurturing, slow flow wave due to its hypnotic use of the hand, arm and elbow for the release of tension. It is very much rooted in Hawaii’s aloha mentality where spirituality and balanced emotions affect the outcome. The mental attitude is thus just as important as mastering the sequencing.


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Bali BISA is a recognized accredited Massage Therapy School CIBTAC, BABTAC and the Indonesia Education Ministry. 

About Bali BISA

Bali BISA was established in 2006 by its Founder, Penny Ellis, a 40 year spa veteran.  Since its inception, it has lived up to its mission of “excellence and professionalism”, hence maximizing student opportunities to gain the knowledge required to reach their full potential in the dynamic, rapidly expanding health, wellness, spa and esthetics fields.  Bali BISA is recognized as one of Asia’s leading educational centers in the industry and is one of the three finalists for the CIBTAC Center of the Year 2014.


What Makes Us Special

  • High quality course content and materials. Bali graduates
  •  Health & Safety Standards followed and taught.
  • Small classes with personalized tuition.
  • Course work instruction takes place in a relaxed and calm environment. 
  • Exceptionally well trained and passionate tutors.
  • A learning atmosphere of warmth, mutual respect and enthusiasm.
  • A culturally diverse student body.
  • Assistance with pre-arrival planning, including visas and accommodation.

This commitment to each and every student by a dedicated team of professional educators means employers worldwide seek out our graduates.   Bali BISA is also accredited by the Indonesian Education Ministry, so are increasingly being hired by tourism organizations to identify and train Balinese residents for overseas deployment.  


And All This in Exotic, Culturally Rich Bali!

The Island of the Gods


What Students Say 

         Celine Humbert

CIBTAC Endorsed Maternity Program and CIBTAC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

"I was student for 4 weeks and had good time to learn about Maternity Program and share break time with other students and teachers. Special thanks to Karni, was my main teacher during this time and she taught me so many important details.  Other teachers are always so nice too."

      Alejandro Pena Abarca

CIBTAC Endorsed  Balinese Massage

"Thanks to everyone in Bali BISA. I truly enjoyed every moment at the school. Thanks to teaching me all this beautiful massages. I definitely put on practice when I’m back home, I will miss everyone, miss Bali, lovely place, lovely people, lots things to do, see, taste and lot of fun wishing, you all the best."


         Kathryn Orrah

CIBTAC Endorsed Hawaiian Lomi Lomi  and Balinese Massage, plus many more Bali BISA courses

"I have enjoyed every day of my 9 weeks training at Bali BISA. All the staff are lovely and the level of training and professionalism is excellent. Although I was already qualified when I came here I feel my technique and confidence levels have come on leaps and bounds and I know I am a better therapist because of it. The attention to detail and client care is also excellent. I will never forget my time here and thank you for giving me this experience. I am excited for the future and my new business venture."



Professional Excellence in Exotic Bali  

Our first-rate spa and training facilities are located in the heart of Bali in the seaside town of Sanur.  It boasts an active tourism community, yet still embraces Bali’s unique culture and way of life. This unique combination has created an energetic, inspiring and enjoyable experience for the over 2,000 students since 2006.   

Training in Bali may initially seem like a daunting proposition, but we walk you through every step of the planning process, including advice on necessary visas for longer stays than a Visitor on Arrival visa allows for.  We send comprehensive Bali information and assist in finding lodging to suit your budget or stay beside the school in our own comfortable accommodation.

If not fluent in English, we have experience with many nationalities. Indeed a Japanese student, Kana Ogura, with minimal English received impressive marks and is one of the three finalists for CIBTAC Student of the Year 2014.

Upon arrival, you will be nurtured by our welcoming team. You ease your way into the day with a 30 minute meditation and yoga session, followed by theory and practical sessions. Lunch is shared with students and staff under a breezy, thatch covered bale and complimentary free-flow water coffee and tea sustains you all day. We provide models and first-rate products for your practical assignments.

We grow to become friends with our students, and most keep in touch to let us know of their career and personal growth.  Many even return for additional training.


Your Next Step to a New or Deepened Spa Career

Our extensive list of CIBTAC courses can be found here with course descriptions for each.  If you have any questions, just complete a short intake form and we will respond ASAP. We look forward to having you at Bali BISA.

Penny Ellis