what employers say

A recent survey of leading UK employers revealed that graduates are often lacking in commercial experience, customer service skills and retail knowledge.  Salon owners also believed that business and management skills were also lacking from a therapists portfolio.

When questioned on a therapist returning to work following a career break, many employers stated that a candidate who has updated their skill set through refresher training would be more favourable.

All employers who responded felt that the intensive training that a graduate requires costs them too much time and money, especially as they feel that the graduate should already have the skills required to work in the industry.  93% of employers stated that if a graduate required less up-skilling and were ready to work they would be more likely to employ them, with 87% agreeing to guarantee a CIBTAC honours student an interview.

To address this shortfall, we have introduced an upgrade system for existing qualification frameworks, to deliver additional skills on a Recognised Prior Learning basis.  This system acts as a 'finishing school', giving opportunities for progression, added value and differentiation, upskilling therapists by delivering thorough hands-on learning; students become more confident, capable and gain a deeper understadning, requiring less on-the-job training.  

This is designed to give students the best possible qualification and to help fill the industry skills gap ensuring potential employees have the right skills to match the the direct needs of employers.  This process is one of the many reasons that CIBTAC qualified therapists are in high demand by employers.

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