professional endorsed training

This new CIBTAC programme has been designed in direct response to industry demands to authenticate the excellent training a qualified therapist has received from training, product and equipment providers.

A CIBTAC Endorsed Training Provider undergoes a thorough quality assurance processes for teaching and learning and verification of their final assessment and testing for learners.  The process ensures consistency and delivery of exceptional standards that both the supplier and CIBTAC aspire to.

What are the benefits of endorsement?

This endorsement will demonstrate to your trainees your international status and commitment to high quality training and your desire to maintain standards throughout the industry.

CIBTAC is an internationally recognised brand which is valued by employers. The coming together of the supplier and CIBTAC’s brand will substantially improve a therapist’s employability.

All successful learners will be awarded a specially designed and security featured CIBTAC Professional Endorsed Training Certificate which will display the CIBTAC Professional Endorsed Training logo alongside your logo as the training provider.

Marketing opportunities for endorsed training providers:

  • A full description of your course and a summary of your training concept or establishment will be listed on There will then be a direct link to your own website.
  • Exposure on the website will be to current, international CIBTAC Centres and Students who have to use the back office section on a regular basis, and any new visitors
  • The BABTAC website will also have a direct link to the courses on the CIBTAC site and you can provide an offer for BABTAC members and or CIBTAC Centres if you wish to
  • The CIBTAC Endorsed Training Programme logo and your company logo will appear on the trainee qualifying certificate
  • You will have use of the Endorsed Training Programme logo for your advertising materials and website (rules will apply)
  • CIBTAC may invite you to speak at international trade exhibitions
  • Attend international CIBTAC seminars
  • Opportunities to advertise within the CIBTAC Centre newsletter
  • Opportunities to advertise in Vitality Magazine which is distributed to over 15,000 BABTAC members, with an exclusive 20% discount off the rate card

What are the criteria for endorsement?

CIBTAC’s Professional Endorsed Training Programme has been developed in response to industry demands and is aimed at product houses and innovative new treatment providers.  There is no requirement to be a CIBTAC accredited Centre to take advantage of this service, however each course must meet certain criteria.

Endorsement lasts for 12 months from the date of approval. 

How much does it cost?

Endorsed Training Programme will be charged at £500 for the first three courses.

Prices available on request for four courses or more.

Annual review fee (payable after the first year) £200

This includes access to the CIBTAC professional Endorsed Training logo.

How do I apply?

Please email for more information or for an application form. 

Your application will be processed within 21 days and arrangements made for a CIBTAC representative to observe teaching and content for the proposed course.

Endorsement will be approved or denied.  If your application is approved you will receive your approval notice and all of the relevant marketing materials to enable you to promote your course.