faceframe 3d eyebrows

3d Faceframe Eyebrows

This British invention is a completely new treatment, to create a 3 dimensional eyebrow adhered directly onto the skin using synthetic eyebrow hair.  The treatment can restore self-esteem and confidence in people suffering from the treatment of cancer, alopecia and scarred skin, and is also excellent for people with over-plucked brows or anyone wanting to lengthen, thick and shape their natural brow.


Faceframe is waterproof, moisture proof, easily removable and can last up to 2 weeks.


Training is a one day course, and includes a starter kit so that you can begin to offer this treatment straight away. 

More information will be available soon, but for now, to find out more about courses please email faceframeinfo@aol.co.uk or call 01909 807020.

Click here to watch the Faceframe video.

3d Faceframe eyebrows CIBTAC 3d Faceframe eyebrows CIBTAC 3d Faceframe eyebrows CIBTAC