the world of CIBTAC

CIBTAC offers a wide range of qualifications in over 30 countries worldwide.

CIBTAC works with many Governments internationally to develop our qualifications to meet all their standards as well as the UK standards. We are officially accepted in 30 countries currently and the list is constantly being added to and reviewed.


At CIBTAC, we offer a wide range of QCF and Bespoke qualifications worldwide. To find out more about the qualifications we offer, please click on one of the qualification structures below.

QCF qualifications

See how CIBTAC qualifications fit into other examination frameworks click here.

Divided into three structures with a variety of Levels from 1-5 that represents the level of under pinning knowledge the Candidate will have learnt.

Credits are awarded for the number of hours of training that is allocated to each qualification structure. One Credit is approximately 10 hours of training.


Are recognised as any qualification with up to 130 hours of training and equal to up to 13 credits. For a comprehensive list of CIBTAC Awards click here.


Are recognised as any qualification with between 130 hours of training or 13 credits and 370 hours of training or 37 credits. For a comprehensive list of CIBTAC Certificates click here.


Are recognised as any qualification that has over 370 hours of training hours or over 37 credits. For a comprehensive list of CIBTAC Diplomas click here.


QCF stands for Qualification and Credit Framework and is the framework that all CIBTAC QCF qualifications are entered onto. The QCF is a regulated framework overseen by Ofqual and is intended to provide a standardised approach to qualification development and provision that is controlled and measurable.

By being on this framework all qualifications are subject to standards and requirements set by Ofqual that are applied to all Awarding Organisations. This means there is a process available for individuals such as centres or candidates, to compare and measure a qualification from one Awarding Organisation, to another. If government funding in England is available for a program of study the relevant qualification would be on a framework, such as the QCF.

Any learner registered prior to the 1st July 2015 will have until 1st July 2017 to achieve the following qualifications and be certified:

Level 2 Award in Nail Art

Level 2 Award in Male Skin Care

Level 2 Award in Eyelash and Eyebrow

Level 2 Award in Self Tanning

Level 2 Award in Threading

Level 2 Award in Nail Cutting and Care

Level 2 Award in Providing Make-up Services

Level 3 Award in Intimate Waxing for Males

Level 3 Award in Airbrush Nail Art

Level 3 Award in Micro Dermabrasion

Level 3 Certificate in Advanced Research into the Health and Beauty Sector

Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training


bespoke qualifications

CIBTAC traditional qualifications that have been recognised worldwide for 35 years. Many Centres choose to offer these qualifications to give them a unique selling point as all are called Diplomas and are not restricted to the same criteria of the QCF qualifications. Bespoke qualifications are also designed as a direct response to industry needs and can offer more flexibility, but they do not conform to the rules and requirements set in place for QCF regulated qualifications and are therefore not entered onto a regulated framework. For a more comprehensive list of our Bespoke qualifications click here.

If you would like to talk to CIBTAC about developing a qualification please email