replacement certificate request

Available to CIBTAC Graduates who need a replacement certificate for any qualifications they have achieved.

CIBTAC keep details of previous Graduates for 10 years, therefore we may not be able to provide replacement certificates to Graduates who achieved their qualifications more than 10 years ago, unless you can provide us with evidence.

Replacement certificates are charged at £25 per certificate for non QCF qualifications and £35 per certificate for QCF qualifications. (The £15.00  administration cost will be deducted once your details have been confirmed) Please complete the following information. 

Please be advised there is a £15.00 administration charge which will need to be paid before your query can be actioned. This is non refundable.

CIBTAC can not re-issue certificates if you change your name. This can only be done if there is a court order to do so or if your name has been changed by deed poll.