SHIREEN UK Ltd have introduced a completely new and innovative method to gently reduce the  visual appearance of wrinkles.  The Poring-Method provides, in conjunction with the specially  developed Poring-Fluid, a profound and long lasting smoothing effect for the first superficial wrinkles.

 The Poring-Method, applied with the SHIREN PoreJet administers the Poring-Fluid, under  pressure, into the epidermis in a fraction of a second via a small diameter opening, thinner than  an eylash. No part of the device enters the skin. This unique process separates skin cells that  have compacted through loss of HA and moisture and delivers high molecular weight HA and  hydration into the intercellular spaces that have been created as the skin cells separate. The Basale layer is agitated promoting Collagen and Elastin production.


The Poring-Method

Shireen poring


 Training takes place across the country at centres of excellence or designated training  facilities. Treatment areas: Perioral, Oral Commissure, Marionette, Parenthesis, Glabella,  Crows Feet and Nasolabial. Pre-course reading material is sent out prior to training and  presentation notes, a Poring-Method manual and a branded memory stick with instructional  videos form part of the training process. The training course will include theory, practical on  live models, how to sell and a short test at the end of the day. Post training support is  available. 



Training takes place across the country at SHIREEN Centres of Excellence or designated training facilities. 

Click here for a pdf extract from the training day presentation material.

Upcoming training dates can be obtained by calling 0845 116 8700.


                                        Before                                                           During                                                            After 

shireen poring before shireen poring during shireen poring after