Why I'm glad I chose a CIBTAC qualification

'There were so many options to consider when I looked around at which beauty course to do but CIBTAC really stood out because you learn everything. For example, there’s a lot of anatomy and physiology in the course, which means you know why you are doing something and you really understand it rather than just going through the motions.

‘The breadth of the course has also meant I’ve learnt about areas that I did not realise at first would interest me. When I started I liked the aesthetic side and I thought I would concentrate on manicures and pedicures, but through the course I have discovered that I am actually really interested in massage. I wouldn’t have found that out if I had done a narrower qualification. This has broadened my perspective and given me a really good foundation for the future.

‘The fact that the qualification is recognised worldwide is also important to me because I know I could go and work abroad if I wanted to, which is not something I could do with an NVQ.’

Laura Knight, student, The London School of Beauty and Make-up.