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Wellness for Cancer

Wellness for Cancer offers both a hands-on and a home study course in Cancer Aware Foundations Massage. The hands-on course is available to therapists with a recognised massage diploma at Level 3. The course is a 2- or 3-day practicum and assessment that provides students with the accreditation needed to provide services to clients touched by cancer. The training is based upon the curriculum and standards set forth by the Society for Oncology Massage in 2008 and adopted globally. This foundational training teaches therapists to feel comfortable conducting a non-medical Cancer Aware client consultation, knowing how to adapt any service for the client, and knowing when to refer to a specialist. The training enables a therapist to see clients currently in medical treatment for cancer, after medical treatment, living with cancer, or nearing end of life.

Centre Details

Address: 55B Gambel Street, Eagle, CO 81631,  USA
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Phone: +19703766220

Email: julie@wellnessforcancer.com

Course tutor: Julie Bach


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