• Centre FAQs

How do I upload registrations to parnassus?

Here is a link to the guide to using Parnassus. If you require further assistance, please contact your Account Executive. Account Executive details are listed on our contact page.

When should I submit my exam request if I am an international Centre?

Exam request forms need to be submitted no later than 12 weeks before the start of an exam schedule. Please contact your Account Executive for exact deadline dates.

What documentation is required when submitting my exam request?

You will need to submit an exam request form, a retake or deferral form if you have any retake or deferrals learners, and a proposed timetable. You will also need to register your learners on Parnassus.

What documentation is required when adding new tutors to a CIBTAC accredited Centre?

CIBTAC needs to be aware of who the tutors are at each Centre. If a Centre needs to add a new tutor, then they must fill in the Tutor Update form and send to their Account Executive along with copies of their certificates relevant to the qualifications they wish to teach and an up to date CV.

What documentation is required when adding new courses to a CIBTAC accredited entre?

If a centre wishes to be accredited for any additional courses then they need to fill in the New Course application form and send to your Account Executive along with copies of the relevant certificates of those tutors who wish to teach the new course.

What is a daily minimum fee and how much is this?

The daily minimum fee is currently £750 per day. When a centre has exams the invoice is created based on the number of learners and which qualifications they are doing. It is not an extra fee but the minimum amount the invoice must come to per day. If the invoice is less than £750 per day then we will add the difference to make it up to the minimum fee.

What are admin fees?

Administration fees are applied to examination invoices only (UK and international). The administration fee is applied in order to cover the cost associated with processing, arranging and making changes to an exam schedule. These costs may include the administrative time taken to book travel with third parties, the production and maintenance of customer documentation, and also the payment transaction costs associated with our electronic payment facilities. We aim to deliver a very competitive service and remain completely transparent about our charges. CIBTAC is a not for profit organisation and therefore aims to keep its charges to a minimum. By applying an individual charge on the invoice, we hope that our fee structure is simple and clear to all our customers. CIBTAC does not apply an administration fee to annual renewals, certificate or diploma requests. There is significantly less administration time involved in processing these orders and the fee for these services are deemed to be fully inclusive of all charges.

When will results and certificates be released?

Exam results are sent to the Centres within 6 weeks of the exams taking place, and certificates are sent within 12 weeks of the exams taking place.

When do late fees apply?

Please request this information from your Account Executive.

How does CIBTAC ensure value for money?

CIBTAC is a not for profit organisation, so we always strive to offer the most competitive price to our customers, coupled with personalised customer service. We re-invest any profits for the good of our centres, members and learners.

Why should I choose CIBTAC rather than another awarding body?

We offer a unique, dynamic service to our Centres that some larger profit making organisations struggle to do. Each Centre will have its own dedicated Account Executive to support their individual needs and be in regular contact with. Our employers tell us that the CIBTAC brand is a sign of quality graduates, who are work ready and who enhance their business from the outset, without the need for re-training. The CIBTAC end exams reflect the level of rigour and true capabilities of learners, with an assurance of their skills and abilities not only in the qualification, but in aspects of problem solving, thinking skills and communication.

How do I become a CIBTAC accredited Centre?

Complete the accreditation application form and process or contact details for the Accreditation team

Who will examine my learners?

Our examiners will come and examine your learners. We have a large team of examiners who work across the globe examining CIBTAC qualifications. We are always looking for new examiners to add to our highly skilled teams. Please complete the following application and return to enquiries@cibtac.com if you are interested in becoming an examiner.

Why Choose CIBTAC?

  • My CIBTAC qualification has proved to be invaluable as any employer knows the standard of my skills before they even meet me. In fact, I was offered 2 jobs on the night of the awards dinner in London – do I need to say anymore?!

  • CIBTAC qualifications are highly recognised in the Beauty Therapy sector, and also by the local Government internationally. High recognition and regards of CIBTAC qualifications are also seen by industry professionals and employers globally as all CIBTAC recognised courses are fully salon-ready with the highest standards and target for qualified therapists.

  • CIBTAC therapists are sought after worldwide and viewed as prestigious, excellent professionals with outstanding skills and knowledge. It sets you apart from the rest, aiding you to excel in your dream career.