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Supporting CIBTAC Graduates 

Many congratulations on achieving your qualification, and welcome to the CIBTAC family, we are very proud of you. Your achievements are our achievements. We’d love to hear about your success.

About Your Qualification

Our graduates are the foundation of the beauty industry, with many employers preferring to recruit a CIBTAC graduate over other candidates. The CIBTAC brand is a mark of quality, high standards and work ready graduates that make an impact from the first day in a job. We wish you every success for your future and hope that you’ll decide to gain other CIBTAC qualifications in your career.

CIBTAC offers a full suite of qualifications to suit all levels; from the novice therapist just starting out in the industry, to the master therapist who is continuing to enhance their practice through continued development. Whatever your starting point and whatever your desired outcome is CIBTAC qualifications can support your journey into the world of beauty therapy and beyond. Click here to learn more about our OFQUAL accredited qualifications. 

Information for Graduates

Replacement Badges or Certificates

We’ve all done it at sometime in our life – misplaced or lost something important. If you need a replacement badge or certificate we can help. Contact enquiries@cibtac.com or call +44 (0) 1452 623114 and talk to one of the team. Replacement costs apply.

Graduate News

We love hearing about the success of our graduates and what they are doing as a result of gaining their qualifications. Perhaps you are starting your own business, working in another country for the first time, supporting a charity with your beauty skills, or you’ve just got a fabulous new job in the industry. Whatever your success we’d like to share it with others. Please send any news or stories, ideally with a digital photo of the event to marketing@cibtac.com. By contacting us with your news story you agree to us using this in promotional and marketing materials.

Possible Career Routes in the Industry

The world of beauty therapy is changing; Clients are demanding exemplary standards in therapy practice, and employers are expecting highly qualified employees from the outset, with only the elite therapists securing the best jobs. CIBTAC offers a unique opportunity to put yourself ahead of the competition and propel yourself into your future career in this amazing industry. The possibilities for employment are endless.

Why Choose CIBTAC?

  • My CIBTAC qualification has proved to be invaluable as any employer knows the standard of my skills before they even meet me. In fact, I was offered 2 jobs on the night of the awards dinner in London – do I need to say anymore?!

  • CIBTAC qualifications are highly recognised in the Beauty Therapy sector, and also by the local Government internationally. High recognition and regards of CIBTAC qualifications are also seen by industry professionals and employers globally as all CIBTAC recognised courses are fully salon-ready with the highest standards and target for qualified therapists.

  • CIBTAC therapists are sought after worldwide and viewed as prestigious, excellent professionals with outstanding skills and knowledge. It sets you apart from the rest, aiding you to excel in your dream career.