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Meet our New CIBTAC Centre Winner 2019

Meet our New CIBTAC Centre Winner 2019

New CIBTAC Centre Winner 2019 The International College of Cosmetology, Latvia,  talk about winning their award..

It’s no surprise that the winning CIBTAC centre got their entire team involved in the application process. Elizabete Libiete, International Project Coordinator told us how.

What does winning this award mean to you?

Winning the award gives us a great deal of motivation. We have worked incredibly hard to give our centre the value it has today and we’re not stopping. We think it’s important for students to know that the industry recognises our services as first class. 


What made you want to apply?

In our Latvian culture, it is not common to boast. However, with the globalisation and saturated market, there are so many establishments that will say whatever the consumer wants to hear while the quality is not always there. When we looked at our centre, our staff and our graduates we could see that we are bringing real value to the customers so while it meant coming out of our comfort zone, we thought our good example should be shared to inspire others. 


What was the toughest part of the application process?

I remember the application process as an exciting but lengthy one. It was a team effort to gather all the information needed and required creativity. We especially enjoyed getting back in touch with some of the graduates for their testimonials.


In your opinion what makes a stand out education centre? 

Ultimately the success of any education centre lies in its teaching staff. A centre might have the most state-of-the-art premises, up to date equipment, futuristic software, and even the kindest administration, but without skilled teachers, no results can be achieved. At our centre, none of the teachers work full time with us. They practice what they teach, hence never losing touch with the real world - the market. It’s also important that they are considerate, kind and perceive the students as equals. 


What’s on your to-do list for 2020?

On April 23rd, 2020, we are organising a conference called Sustainable Wellness. We use the term “sustainability” not only to talk about the environment but our lifestyle too. We find it crucial to discuss ways in which we, as representatives of the beauty industry, can lessen our negative impact, and how as an educational institution we can add to the cultivation of responsible society.


What advice would you give to anyone thinking about applying for the awards next year?

Make sure to give it enough time and involve your team. It’s also a good idea to collect both big and small achievements in one file as they happen. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the good things you’ve accomplished throughout the year.



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