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Are CIBTAC qualifications recognised in all countries?

CIBTAC qualifications are recognised in over 25 countries worldwide. Regulated RQF qualifications are on the UK framework, which means that they can be easily compared across to other frameworks (such as the EQF in Europe) and are therefore generally accepted throughout Europe. If you plan to live or work in a particular country, we would always advise that you check with the government agency of that country before you start your course of study on any CIBTAC qualification. This is because there might be additional requirements in terms of study hours that your delivery programme must meet, or there may be additional legislation in place about the practising your chosen therapy that have been laid down by the regional government that are specific to that country.

What happens if I do not pass my RQF exam?

We want all of our learners to do well, but sometimes learners do not meet the required standard in practical or theory exams for all kinds of reasons. This is no problem, you can re-take the unit of the exam that you failed two more times in two years after your first attempt. You just need to sit the unsuccessful units in either the practical or the theory parts (you do not need to take both parts again if you succeeded in one) and you will receive a unit transcript showing the units that you were successful in, to evidence your achievements until you hold the full qualification.

What happens if I do not pass my bespoke exams?

As with the RQF exams you are able re-take the part of the exam that you were unsuccessful on two more times in two years after your first attempt. The difference with Bespoke is if you fail one element of the examination in theory or practical then you will be required to retake the entire qualification. For example if you fail manicure in your practical exam then you will be required to retake the entire practical examination again, including the elements that you passed previously, this is because the Bespoke qualification is not in modules like the RQF qualification.

What happens if I have a complaint?

If your complaint is about the exam process then you would ask your delivery centre to fill out a complaints / appeals form on your behalf, unless your complaint is about suspected malpractice at the Centre, in which case you should contact us directly using the suspected malpractice form. If your complaint is about the delivery of your course or the fees you have been charged by your Centre, unfortunately this is not something in which we can usually get involved. Our Centre accreditation process is very strict and we ensure all of our centres meet high standards of quality. However if you do have an issue you should first make sure you have followed your centre’s complaints policy and if you are still not able to resolve the situation, then use the complaints and appeals form to write to us.

What do I do if I have a question about my results?

CIBTAC releases results to your centre, followed by your certificate. Your Centre is responsible for distributing the results and certificates to Learners. Any queries about result issuing, appeals against results or re-takes must be directed to your Centre, who would then contact us on your behalf. If your Centre feels there are grounds for appeal against a result then they would submit this to us using the complaints and appeals process. If you have a complaint that cannot be resolved by your centre and you have exhausted their complaints process, or you suspect malpractice, you should contact us using the complaints and appeals form or suspected malpractice form.

If I need to retake an examination do I need to do this at the same centre that I studied at?

You need to be registered with a Centre at all times until you complete your qualification. This is so that you can be supported with any learning needs that you may have and is especially important if you have been unsuccessful in an exam and need to re-take. You will need a Centre tutor to sign off your portfolio if this is not complete and to register you for the exams. However, it is possible for you to attend another CIBTAC Centre anywhere in the world (or our head office in Gloucester, UK for theory re-takes only) if this is more convenient for you. It may be that you have moved away from your original Centre or another Centre has exams at a more appropriate time for you. This must be organised between your centre and the new Centre. Unless you registered at a new Centre you would remain the responsibility, as a learner, of your original Centre. CIBTAC charges an administration fee for re-takes, which is invoiced to your Centre. If you attend a different Centre to take an exam this centre will also make a charge to cover their costs. Attendance at another Centre to take examinations is organised between the two Centres and CIBTAC would not be involved in this process, although we are happy to try and help find your Centre make contact with an alternative venue in a different area.

If I have already achieved other qualification in similar subjects to CIBTAC qualifications can I convert them?

We have an RPL policy (Recognised Prior Learning policy) which allows your centre tutor to request to either exempt you from course pre-requisites or from attending part of the course. You would always need to successfully sit the CIBTAC exams to achieve our qualifications, but it might be possible that you do not need to meet our attendance time requirements or need to complete some or all of your portfolio. You would need to register with a CIBTAC Centre and your tutor would apply to us on your behalf.

If I have a query about CIBTAC courses, such as their content, price or class times, who can I contact?

These queries would be answered by your Centre, so the first step is to locate a suitable Centre using our find a centre search. CIBTAC does not set course fees or the dates and times of classes, so this information would need to come from your chosen Centre. Information about the content of courses in general, or careers that these could lead on to can be found in the purpose statement and specification for each qualification, please start your search here. If you have an enquiry about the contents, entry requirements or assessment of a particular CIBTAC course that is not answered by these documents please get in touch with us.

Can I get loans or funding for CIBTAC courses?

Yes, many of our courses are eligible for advanced learner loans or government funding in the UK. A list of courses funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is available here. Funding can only be provided by the SFA when you study at a registered training organisation (RTO) and a list of these can be found here. There are government funding schemes for training in many other countries that we operate in, we would suggest that you contact a Centre in your region for more information.

I have lost a certificate, what can I do?

Please fill out the replacement certificate form here. CIBTAC makes an administration charge for replacement certificates, which will depend on your request. These will be explained to you when you get in touch.

How can I get a CIBTAC badge?

Please fill out the badge request form here.

How can I order a transcript?

If you are a CIBTAC graduate and need a detailed description of the course content of a qualification you have achieved, then you can request a transcript letter by filling out the form here.

Do I need insurance as a Learner?

Yes, while you are practising your skills in the classroom you are covered under your school’s insurance, however any practice treatments or case study treatments you perform at home or another location outside your school are not. If you were to injure someone then they could potentially consider making a claim against you. Student insurance is available and many providers will upgrade this to full insurance at a discounted rate when you qualify. In the UK Learners can apply for BABTAC student membership including student insurance here. Other insurance schemes are also available but as our sister company, BABTAC offers CIBTAC learners a discounted fee.

I took a CIBTAC qualification some years ago and I cannot find it on the website, how can I find the equivalent qualification today?

Please contact us with the details of your course and the centre you attended here. Please note, we only keep full records for the last 6 years but we may still be able to assist and will do our best to help.

How will I know if I passed my exams?

Your centre will be notified of your results within 6 weeks of taking your exams.

What happens if I fail my exams?

CIBTAC would provide your Centre with feedback regarding your exam(s) and your centre would discuss with you and decide whether a retake would be advisable.

What progression routes are available to me?

There are many opportunities to progress in the beauty industry, perhaps in the organisation you are currently working for, through additional training such as CIBTAC endorsed, or achieving higher levels of CIBTAC qualifications. Whatever your career path CIBTAC can support you to achieve your full potential, take a look at the qualifications section on the website and see “where your qualifications will take you” .

What are the Enquiries & Appeals Policy & Procedures?

To access and download this document click here

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